Partners for Prosperity

MSU and O’Reilly Hospitality Management: a Welcome Partnership

The hospitality and restaurant administration department at Missouri State University establishes relationships with companies worldwide to give their students hands-on, real-world internships that often translate into management career opportunities.

One regional hotel and restaurant management company, O’Reilly Hospitality Management, has partnered with Missouri State University for two years to train talented and efficient leaders.

Several alumni serve as leaders in the corporate offices of O’Reilly Hospitality Management. They routinely hire hospitality and restaurant administration students and graduates into management and internship positions. Intern and members of the O'Reilly Hospitality Management  team.

The company will even select less experienced students for these internships in order to give them more leadership training, business background and operational skills that they will need in the industry.

“O’Reilly Hospitality Management’s general manager recognizes the importance of developing young talent, so students and alumni are being prepared to enter front line management positions in both the food and beverage and tourism segments,” said Dr. Stephanie Hein, department head. “The investment that OHM makes in developing our students into future leaders sets them apart from other management companies.”

In addition to the collaboration through internship and career opportunities, leaders of O’Reilly Hospitality Management actively participate as advisors, student instructors and guest speakers.

For more information, visit or or contact Stephanie Hein at (417) 836-5159.