Revised CBHE Recommended High School Core Curriculum Policy Guidelines Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education

Updated June 14, 2006

The CBHE, the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE), Missouri postsecondary institutions, and the Missouri K-12 community share a common interest in promoting student preparation as a foundation of enrollment, retention, and success in Missouri postsecondary institutions.

Accordingly, with collaboration across educational sectors, the CBHE has established a recommended 24-unit high school core curriculum guideline for students who plan to enroll in a Missouri college or university. The CBHE 24-unit high school core curriculum is designed to prepare high school students for access to and retention/success in collegiate-level work. Students are expected to demonstrate competency in high school core content. Failure to do so may result in placement in developmental/remedial coursework at additional time and expense to the student.

The CBHE encourages governing boards at Missouri's postsecondary institutions to incorporate the 24-unit high school core curriculum into admissions processes for all first-time freshmen; however, admissions and placement decisions are ultimately made at the institutional level. Requirements vary for admission to Missouri institutions. For example, foreign language study is required for admission to some institutions. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss admissions requirements and placement practices with staff at Missouri institutions in which they may be interested in enrolling.

The CBHE 24-unit high school core curriculum is recommended for full implementation beginning with the Missouri high school graduating class of 2010.

CBHE-Recommended High School Core Curriculum

English/Language Arts - 4 units
Social Studies - 3 units
Mathematics - 3 units
Science - 3 units
Fine Arts - 1 unit
Additional Coursework - 3 units *
Electives - 7 units **

* Missouri public high school students are required by the State Board of Education to complete units in practical arts (1), physical education (1), health education (1/2), and personal finance (1/2)

** All students should complete at least 3 elective units total in foreign language and/or other courses within high school core content areas defined below. Two units of a single foreign language are strongly recommended.

For each high school core content area, descriptions follow that provide illustrations of coursework acceptable and unacceptable for the high school core curriculum.

English/Language Arts

Social Studies



Fine Arts